We are a Social Business

Accessible Acupuncture is a social business, designed to provide affordable health care to as many members of our community as possible.  The concept of social business was created by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and is described in his book Creating a World without Poverty - Social Business and the Future of Capitalism.  By definition, a social business exists not to create profits, but to serve social goals while being self-sustaining, without reliance on grants or government funding.  From Yunus' website: 

"A social business is a non-dividend company created to solve a social problem. Like an NGO, it has a social mission, but like a business, it generates its own revenues to cover its costs. While investors may recoup their investment, all further profits are reinvested into the same or other social businesses. 
A social business is a cause-driven business. It must be financially sustainable and mission-oriented. The company must achieve its social objective and at the same time cover all costs through a revenue model. The success of the business is not measured by the amount of profit made in a given period, but the impact of the business on people or the environment. Investments in social businesses purely support the accomplishment of a social objective, and an investor should desire no financial gain. In fact, in a social business, investors/owners can gradually recoup the money invested, but cannot take any dividend beyond that point. Examples of social objectives are: healthcare for the poor, housing for the poor, financial services for the poor, nutrition for malnourished children, safe drinking water, renewable energy, etc… In short, Social businesses are non-loss, non-dividend companies created to solve social or environmental problems.” 

- Prof. Muhammad Yunus
  Nobel Peace Prize laureate

So what is the social problem that motivates us to do all of this?

That's a great question (thank you for asking, by the way!) and a very important one since it fuels the fire of pretty much everything we do at Accessible Acupuncture.  Essentially, the social problem that motivates us is the status quo of the acupuncture profession - the way acupuncture is most commonly practiced in the United States is simply not accessible.  To best explain this we've dedicated an entire page to the Status Quo of the acupuncture profession.  We think it will give you a better sense of what we're up to and, perhaps, inspire you to join us.  All are welcome!