Athletes & Acupuncture

Q: What do elite athletes and champions like Kobe, Serena Williams, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have in common?

A: They use acupuncture to boost performance!


And they're not alone!  Many of your neighbors as well as Le Tour de France, UFC, PGA, Ironman and Olympic athletes & champions have been using acupuncture to maximize their potential for quite some time.

How does acupuncture help elite athletes and weekend warriors boost performance?  We thought you'd never ask...

7 Reasons Why Athletes Use Acupuncture To Boost Performance

  1. Acupuncture Prevents Injury.  Injuries can quickly de-rail an athlete's training schedule and jeopardize their ability to meet their goal.  Implementing acupuncture into your training regimen helps prevent injury.
  2. Acupuncture Reduces Recovery Time.  Whether you're recovering after workouts, injury or surgery, acupuncture increases blood circulation so you can recover faster than you would without acupuncture.  The nutrients our muscles and cells need (as well as our body's natural healing mechanisms) travel in the blood stream so maintaining good blood circulation is essential to quick recovery and maximizing performance.  And when it comes to side-effect-free ways to reduce Pain or muscle tension, nothing beats acupuncture!  See our Pain & Acupuncture blog entry for more info on that.
  3. Acupuncture Improves Mental Focus.  Athletes know that the ability to focus plays a huge role in their performance.  You can't get into the zone and overcome adversity if you can't get focused and stay focused.  Acupuncture can help athletes 'get in the zone' easier and stay there.
  4. Acupuncture Improves Flexibility.  Few things will delay your progress or increase the likelihood of injury than stiffness and lack of flexibility.  Acupuncture improves circulation, helps relieve soreness & loosen tight muscles to improve flexibility so you can train towards achieving your goals. 
  5. Acupuncture Reduces Anxiety & Stress.  When you train hard to compete in an event or accomplish a specific goal, few things are more frustrating and demoralizing than when competition time comes and Anxiety & Stress prevent you from performing your best.  Fortunately, acupuncture excels at reducing stress and anxiety without nasty side effects.
  6. Acupuncture Improves Quality Of Sleep.  Sleep is when you re-charge.  Sure - you could take some pills to put you to sleep, but those pills rarely take you to the rejuvenating stages of sleep.  Not only does acupuncture, itself, help you re-charge it also helps improves your sleep so you can enter those rejuvenating stages while sleeping.  I say, improve your sleep with side-effect-free acupuncture and let your competition take those pills ;-) !
  7. You no longer have to get another job to pay for Acupuncture.  At $65 to $100+ per session, acupuncture is way too expensive for most people to incorporate into their training regimen - unless, of course, you're sponsored by a big sneaker company.  Assuming that's not you (well, at least not yet), there are low-cost community acupuncture clinics like ours bucking the status quo by making acupuncture more accessible and affordable!  With more affordable acupuncture you can get the benefits of acupuncture that the highly-paid elite athletes do without having to get an extra job!  Check out the following links for more info: